Friday, May 3, 2013

Reflection of Mainstreet Philanthropy

Main Street Philanthropy was a great new experience dividing the work with our team mates, the group enviorment, and the out come of giving the check to the organization I chose to do.

Dividing the work with my team mates did not go so well at first, because we did not divide any work to begin with we all worked on it together on a single workbook; but changed our minds to have our own and thats when it went downhill. Some of us were doing the work and others were not and some did everything last minute. When the due date line came close we hurried to finish the work books and powerpoint whcih affected us on our grades and presentation. I learned we must establish our own due date line in order to meet the official one. We must also take into consideration that some cannot stay after school hours due to having a job, so maybe we could try actually using google docs all at once. In the end we cooperated and got things done.

The group enviorment was welcoming because of the fact of all our classmates are comfortable with eachother. The only problem was getting things done because we would get off track talking about stories of our cause and not foccusing too much on the work. I was pleased with my group they were friendly and cooperated in any obstacle that came between our project. I learned that sometimes loving your cause too much can get you off track by not getting our work done because of the many stories we had. I am happy and content with my groups work and I would like to work with them again to be better, because I believe my group is determined.

What I expect for check delivery next week is for my group to be chosen to go personally deliver the check! I am so excited that the San Diego Humane Society will be getting the money we worked for. I am glad I will be giving a good amount of money I possibly could not give right now at this moment. Animals are all worth that money I cannot be anymore excited. I am already excited about giving them the check my group earned; maybe if I could get the Humane Society to possibly give my classmates a few stories about animals who have been rescued and recovered because of the San Diego Humane Society, also if they could inform them with a few controversies and a few facts about what is needed to be payed attention to in todays society about animals.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Interviewing an elder

I interviewed my older sister! I will be speaking in her words:
1. I grew up in San Deigo, California; things were very differentent back then I would still play outside with my younger sister(me) with bubbles, our jeep, and we had a thing we played called " Chiquito Land" now a days kids play with I pods, I pads and all this new technology.
2.Something that cahnged me was my Pit Bull dog, Champion. Growing up with him was the best experience I had that I remember. He was so sweet, playful, humble, and always was there for me when I needed a hug.
3. Some important lessons about money that a young person should know is learned in the AOBT, I learned how to take care of my money and I opened my first bank account with the AOBT in California Coast Credit Union.
4. Some causes I have donated my time to is to the San Diego Humane Society; I was a part of a prometheous and the activity was to sell famous peoples farts in order to earn money and give it to a charity. I learned anything is possible.
5.I think young people today like teenagers should foccous more in school, they need that important foccous in order to succeed. I think a promethous like the one I went to should be a necessity in life.
6. Something in the world I would change would be the end to animal cruelty. Society foccuses a lot in humans but not much in animals.
7. To a joyful and successful life would be love and hard work; thats the way to go.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pit Bulls Are not Monsters

Now that I am thinking about this fieldtrip we are taking as a class; which is to hand the check with the donation persoanly to the organizations; has me wondering that when we get a call back from the San Diego Humane Society I want to ask if its possible to show us some of the animals that were remved from an abussive situation, if they could possible share a Pit Bull and educate more about this beautiful breed.


From the work I have been doing in this program I think it is more difficult than I expected. It is not as easy to work in groups as I imagined, especially if some are not as motivated as you are, and you have to go an extra mile to get them to where you are at; which is sometimes stressing; luckely I had a team mate to support me. What Arelis and I overcame was a phone call to the San Deigo Humane Society which felt rewarding after many phone calls gone wrong. I can say the work that has to be done for this project is the least hard; what is hard is having the whole team working productively. I am learning that committment is very important.

I am very glad that I found an organization that actually answered the phone call my partner Arelis and I made! The San Diego Humane Society was the main orgaization I wanted to donate to and now I have become more positive about donating to them! Thier neaby location to my school makes me even more positive about donating and even asking if we can take our class to give them the check with the donation money personally. I set an appoitment to talk to one of the people who can give me more information aabout the organization and I will ask if they can give my class a tour and educate us about animal cruelty and neglect, also possibly showing us some of the animals that have been removed form an abussive situation and demonstrate how the animal has progress. I am very excited for what's to come next!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Guys I found A Pit Bull Organization

Guys I am so glad I found a Pit Bull rescue organization in San Diego! I am planning
to go visit the organization during spring break so I can see if the place is as awesome as it sounds, in order to convince my team mates. This is something I want to accomplish, which is donating money to a pit bull organization. Although I don't see my team mates wanting to support a pit bull organization as much as I do, so I must find a way to enroll them into considering it.
I also want a leader from the organization to come and give a presentation to my class about pit bulls to spread the knowledge about these beautiful dogs.
I am very determined about this main street philanthropy program ! :) <<--------- Visit the website!!!!

Stephanie Hernandez

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Main Street Philthorpy program

My experience using the MAD cards was pretty exciting because I found out that I was into taking care of the elderly. I learmed that there are stories behind why others chose their card.
What I hope to gain form participating in th4e Mmain Street Philanthropy program is to find out if there is  a pit bull rescue organziation.